Wood Heat Fire Stone
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       for Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

Tulikivi Pellet-fired Heaters
While most Tulikivi models are designed to burn any split, dry natural wood, some people desire the convenience and "cleanness" of producing heat by burning commercially produced wood pellets. Since wood pellets are usually produced from waste and low grade wood sources, pressed into pellets and dried, this is an environmentally sound biomass heating strategy.
Unlike most other "pellet stoves" the Tulikivi Valkia-PM001 shown above is designed to burn the day's load of pellets all at once in a controlled "hot burn", just like other Tulikivi models burning wood fast at high temperature to capture all of the heat value of the fuel.  While other wood burning Tulikivi models operate entirely without electrical controls, the Tulikivi PM001 pellet module housed in the stone bench at the left side of the heater regulates the burn with a thermostatically controlled electric combustion air blower for peak efficiency.