Wood Heat Fire Stone
              of Finland
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       for Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

TULIKIVI Soapstone Masonry Heaters

Stone Masonry Heaters of various designs have been producing comfortable  radiant heat for the people of Scandinavia for over 300 years!  In a stone masonry heater, burning dry natural wood as hot and fast as possible allows the capture of the other half of the available energy that is normally lost up the chimney by a conventional metal wood stove.

Instead of producing creosote and air pollution, the gasses coked off of the fire in a masonry heater pass up and downward through stone passageways built into the unit, where they are "flashed" at high temperatures and the energy released is absorbed into the soapstone mass.  Thus one fire a day will store enough heat energy in the soapstone to provide comfortable radiant heat for the next 24 hours!

TULIKIVI has taken this 300 year old concept and through scientific testing and CAD design, "tweaked" the efficiency of their soapstone masonry heaters to new levels of 90%+ burn efficiency and maximum exhaust air cleanliness. 
What makes TULIKIVI soapstone masonry heaters so special?  Besides the advanced proprietary designs, it is the Finnish soapstone.  Tulikivi units are built entirely of Finnish soapstone with a 50%+ Magnesite mineral content, which is more than 2x as efficient as most other soapstone and 10x more efficient than man-made fire brick at absorbing and evenly radiating heat energy.
"TULIKIVI, often copied, never equaled"