Wood Heat Fire Stone
              of Finland
      Licensed Installing TULIKIVI Dealer
       for Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

Some Tulikivi Boulder & Custom Units
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TTU2700/4XL with 2700/6 bench & chimney surrounds
"Resting Moose" Carving by Homer artist Jeff Dean
Zinnia Antico with Custom Corbel Benches
TTU2500 with Rough Stone & Custom Corbel Benches
Boulder Fireplace - Tulikivi Helsinki Showroom
Boulder Oven - Tulikivi Helsinki Showroom
Carved Bear Head - Tulikivi Helsinki Showroom
Custom Rough Stone TLU2137 with Wrap-Benches
TU2200 with Custom Wide Corbel Benches
Rough Stone TU2200 with Corbel Benches
Customized TLU2637 with Stone Chimney
TLU2137 with Custom Wrap Open Benches
Massive Boulder Unit - Tulikivi Factory Showroom
Back of Boulder Unit - Tulikivi Factory Showroom
Soapstone Slab Bench TU2200.4
TU2200t with Wide Closed Bench
"Upstairs" Custom TTU2700
"Downstairs" TU2200.4H Stone Chimney
Custom TTU2700 Panoramic Fireplace
Custom Boulder Bakeoven - Mitikivi Custom Shop