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Pricing Considerations - Simple or Fancy, Stock or Custom?

Pricing Considerations - When browsing the Tulikivi catalogs, remember that the primary consideration is the mass (weight) of soapstone that you are buying to radiate heat to the square footage of your home. 
There are more than 150 U.L. approved standard models of Tulikivi Soapstone Masonry Heaters with a 10 fold variation in pricing from the small, simple ones to the large, fancy ones.  The best values are the select models offered with Special Pricing for North America on our "Sales Promotions" page.
It is useful to keep in mind the adage that "it's a Square World."  When the soapstone is cut from the quarry in Finland, it is basically flat and square,.. so heater units that are built of smooth, square stones are less expensive than heaters that have a lot of architectural fanciness.  Curved shapes and rough stone finishes require lots of extra skilled handwork at the factory, so while beautiful, those 'dressed up' heaters will cost more than a simple rectangular heater of the same weight, they will both perform with the same efficiency.

Tulikivi soapstone heater 'Unit' prices include the freight from Finland to Washington state, but the 'Installed' price of a heater will also include the actual freight charges from WA to your job site and the installation labor charge, both of which are based on formulas using the weight of the particular heater.
Other costs which are not included are: Metal stovepipe chimney, damper set, combustion air ducting, foundation or floor strengthening needed to support the weight of the heater unit, and any hearth or heat shield tile work, since these items all vary in each installation situation.  We can give you separate bids for these items, or assist you in planning for them so that you can do them yourself and save money.