Wood Heat Fire Stone
              of Finland
      Licensed Installing TULIKIVI Dealer
       for Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

A labor-saving Firewood Handling Solution!
The key to efficiently burning wood is to burn dry, finely split wood as hot and fast as possible with no restriction of combustion air.  While not possible in a metal wood stove, you can do this in a masonry heater because the soapstone absorbs and stores the energy for comfortable gradual radiation.
In most situations, your split firewood will need to dry for about a year to get down to 20% or less moisture content.  Here is an efficient, labor-saving method of handling firewood:  If you build a number of these portable firewood racks, you can load a rack as you split the firewood rounds and then wheel each rack into your woodshed for drying, or line the racks up and cover the top if you are seasoning the wood outdoors.
When you need wood for your Tulikivi, you just wheel a rack into the house using the modified hand cart, and allow it to "condition" for a few days before burning.